Our people

Joe Baker

Technical Lead
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Mike Bell

Devops Lead
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Ángela Burón

Interaction Designer
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Lewis Nyman

User experience
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Steve Parks

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Núria Ruiz

User researcher
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Our ambition is to do good for a million people.

We do this by helping organisations make measurable improvements to serving people online as citizens, customers, users, and staff.

Our focus

  1. Developing, using and sharing a solid professional process with better ways to work.
  2. Helping changemakers in large organisations deliver positive transformation in the way their organisation works and serve their audiences using digital technology.
  3. Building healthy, long-term partnerships with clients and other agencies.

Our culture

  1. Healthy

    Putting people first, looking after ourselves and others, looking long-term, working sustainably. Working with integrity, being honest and frank, being ethical, earning trust. Doing the right thing.
  2. Professional

    Developing our talents and tools, asking great questions, having high standards and ensuring quality. Achieving excellence. Doing things right.
  3. Ambitious

    Growing ourselves, our knowledge and our expertise. Constantly seeking to be better. Aiming higher. Thinking long term. Change the world. Do things big.
  4. Delivering

    Focus and momentum. Meeting the expectations of others. Getting things done.
  5. Sharing

    Extreme transparency, amazing communication, brilliant collaboration, being open with our work, being consultative, and spreading success. Doing things together.

What this means for you

We can help you deliver highly effective digital services for your organisation, enabling you to better serve your staff, customers or citizens. We work with you as one team in a highly collaborative, delivery-focused environment.

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